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Professional wireless conference microphone

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  • The Ultimate Conference Microphone Guide: Why USB and Wireless Options Reign Supreme in Modern Conference Rooms


    In the hectic world of business and communication, effective meetings are vital. Whether it's a conference room discussion, a virtual conference with international customers, or a team partnership session, clear and top quality audio is vital. To accomplish this, picking the best conference micropho Read More
  • All About Wireless Microphone Types


    A wireless microphone, also known as cordless microphone, is basically a microphone with no physical wire connecting it to its sound source or amplifier with which it's connected. As a result, it can easily be carried around the conference or meeting venue and used without any wires. Read More
  • Wireless Conference Microphone Systems


    Wireless conference microphone is the microphone specifically designed for the conference communication from the conference. It is usually used for communication with the participants in the conference over a wireless network such as the internet or LAN. Read More
  • Benefits of Using Conference Mikes and Microphones


    Nowadays, there is a wide range of conference microphones that are available for different needs and requirements. Conference microphone (wireless or otherwise) is the best option for you if you are holding your conference in a location that is not within the range of your own conference room. Read More