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  • Wired Conference Microphone Tips and Information


    If you want to be in control of how the events of your conference will pan out, a wired conference microphone might just be what you need. You have the option of using the built in noise canceling microphones found in most conference rooms, or you can opt for one of the many wireless microphones on the market. Read More

  • Tips to Choosing the Best Wired Conference Microphone


    If you have a wired conference, you might be looking for wireless alternatives. Wireless microphones are quite popular nowadays, and they are able to provide you with some great alternatives. The best microphone is one that is going to fit your needs, budget and situation. Read More

  • Wireless Conference System Units 


    This wireless discussion conference system is ideal for people who are always on the go and want the ability to hold a productive conference when they travel. It is actually very easy to set up and use because the wireless microphone for a video-conferencing system unit comes with an intuitive interface that will allow you to use all of the features right from your computer or tablet. Read More

  • Conference Microphone Series - The Best Series For Conferencing


    Conference microphones are one of the most popular brands of microphones that are used by all kinds of people including conference organizers, managers, professionals, and students. The latest products of this brand help you to conduct a conference in a very smooth manner without worrying about any technical issue or problems. Read More

  • Selecting the Best Bluetooth Microphone For Your Needs


    There are various types of mobile audio technology devices available for the convenience of corporate audio conferencing. It is vital to understand the requirements and functionalities of different mobile audio conferencing equipment before selecting one. Read More

  • The Best Video Game Mixer


    The Mixer is the heart of any AV equipment. With the advent of Video On Demand and other on demand services, there has been a rush to buy the best AV mixer available. Many companies have jumped in the fray to provide the best mixers available with the ultimate surround sound audio experience. Read More

  • Wired Conference Microphone - Best Rated Conference Microphone For Home Or Public Speaking


    When looking for a suitable wired conference microphone it can be tempting to buy the cheapest one you can find, but this may not always be the best option. Sometimes it is better to pay for what you want rather than getting something you don't really need. Read More

  • Wireless Conference Microphone For Your Phone


    Wired conference microphones are a common feature in many corporate offices. They can be used with all the different wireless phones, whether you use an iPhone or not. One of the great things about these kinds of microphones is that they work just as well, if not better. Read More

  • 2019 Shanghai Pro Lighting and Audio Exhibition


    In the golden autumn of October, we ushered in the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. We watched the grand military parade and felt the strength of the motherland. The golden autumn October also ushered in the annual feast of the electro-acoustic industry [2019 Shanghai Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition] and we will look forward to what this feast will bring us! Recently, a series of brand new faces have appeared in the product lineup of Baika Conference. Everyone has different opinions on this. Some say it is like [Internet celebrity live microphone] and some are like the [Sword-100 cruise missile] in the 70th anniversary military parade. Wait... the minds of Chinese people make me truly feel the greatness of our motherland again! The motherland gave birth to us, we gave birth to it and them... A black gold dress with simple lines is noble and generous, and the posture with the head up and chest is free and convenient in addition to the shackles of wires, and meets your needs for different occasions! The shortest microphone rod with the smallest meeting base achievement Read More

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