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Wireless Conference Microphone Systems

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Wireless conference microphone is the microphone specifically designed for the conference communication from the conference. It is usually used for communication with the participants in the conference over a wireless network such as the internet or LAN. Wireless conference microphone can also be divided into two types, namely, wired conference microphone and the wireless conference microphone, which are powered by the power supply or by a battery to transmit its audio signal to the participants in the conference over the wireless network. The wireless microphone generally consists of certain additional features which help in conducting conference communication smoothly, so that the communication is delivered effectively in every part of the conference hall.

In a wired conference microphone system, there is a central control unit which helps in handling various other functions such as switching the microphones on and off, controlling volume of the microphones, etc. The wireless conference microphone differs from the wired microphone system in that, it is not similar to the control unit. A wireless microphone does not have any control unit, but it usually has some type of adapter that has a microphone input and an audio output port. Sometimes, a microphone might be built into the microphone casing itself, so that the whole unit looks like a conventional microphone with a screen that shows the live video feed from the location where the conference is being conducted. There are several types of wireless microphones available in the market, and they vary according to the purpose for which they are used.

Wireless conference microphone