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Wireless Conference Microphone For Your Phone

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Wired conference microphones are a common feature in many corporate offices. They can be used with all the different wireless phones, whether you use an iPhone or not. One of the great things about these kinds of microphones is that they work just as well, if not better, than any corded microphone that you would find. However, many of these are set up with a plug, which requires you to have a separate wireless phone line. If you don't have a wireless phone line at your home or simply don't want to pay for the separate lines, there is another option.

It has come to my attention that there is a wireless conference microphone for the iPhone, and it works just as well as any corded microphone, only it doesn't require a cord to carry it around. This is actually a pretty cool feature, considering that many people tend to get tired of having to carry extra wires around. Also, many people complain about having to carry around a corded microphone, even though many times the cord isn't even noticeable. With this directional microphone, all you have to do is press the directional button on the microphone and it easily merges you wireless phone line into your line input.

So, if you're tired of carrying around a corded microphone and don't want to have to do that, consider getting a wireless conference microphone for your iPhone. If you have a room with a wall, or even a corner, you can easily use this type of microphone because they are virtually invisible. This will eliminate much of the sound distortion you may experience by using a standard microphone with a cord. Also, these are much lighter than a corded microphone and you can easily take them anywhere with you.