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Wired Conference Microphone Tips and Information

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If you want to be in control of how the events of your conference will pan out, a wire conference microphone  might just be what you need. You have the option of using the built in noise canceling microphones found in most conference rooms, or you can opt for one of the many wireless microphones on the market. When you are using a wired conference microphone, you will not have as much flexibility, because those noise canceling features will be automatically shut off by the built in speaker systems. On the other hand, using a wireless microphone means that you can set up in different areas of the conference room and still keep the quality of sound that you need. There are a few different options that you will have when you are looking at these two types of microphones: the blue baby bottle microphone, and the videodisc ntg.

If you are more comfortable with using basic audio equipment and do not mind a bit of extra work, then a blue baby bottle microphone might be the right choice for you. These microphones use the latest wireless technology to allow for very flexible usage. The audio is transmitted via a transmitter on one end of the line, which is held by the conference host, and then onto each individual participant's headset at another end. Some of the best quality audio is transmitted through the transmitter, and if you can hear your own voice through the transmitter, you will have the best quality audio. However, the problem with a blue baby bottle microphone is that these microphones are not as versatile, because of the constant connection required between the transmitter and the participants headsets.

If you would prefer to have more options, then the videodisc it is the perfect option for you. This microphone allows you to connect up to eight people to one device, without any sort of connection issues. There is no need for any wires to be connected between the individuals, and if you are more comfortable using wireless microphones, you can rely on this one to deliver a top of the line conference recording. Another very important factor to consider when selecting a wired microphone is the distance that the audio needs to travel. If you are in a conference room with several hundred members, then you will most likely need a long cable to keep the mic connected at all times.

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