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Wired Conference Microphone Series

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If you need a reliable and versatile microphone for your next meeting, a Wired conference microphone seris may be the right choice. The Wired series utilizes cables to transmit the signal and is generally cheaper than wireless versions. Its advantages include reliability and no battery or frequency issues. Although it is more convenient and cost-effective, a Wired microphone can limit your movement. Here are the benefits of Wired conference microphones. Read on to learn more about their advantages and disadvantages.

The SL Interpreter is an audio control center that enables one or two interpreters to monitor their sources and route their interpretation signal to different outputs. It is especially useful for presentation-style conferences. When you buy a Wired conference microphone, you will receive excellent performance. You can be assured that your attendees will hear you clearly. They will also be impressed by the quality of your audio.

The main controller supports the RS232 interface and two-way communication. It also has a self-learning AFC automatic feedback algorithm. There's also a controller monitor, which provides time management and voice recording functions. It displays the time and date as well as the number of speakers. And the Wired conference microphone series features a 128x64LCD LCD screen that displays the unit's identity, the state of speaking, the time of speaking, and the speaker network. A unique speaker network allows you to listen to background music and adjust the volume.

Wireless and Wired conference microphone systems are the best options for conferences because they're compatible with different types of mics. In fact, wireless and wired conferencing systems can be used for the same meeting. Some of them can even support videoconferencing. It allows you to adjust the settings to suit different group sizes, and it includes the legendary ME 36 supercardioid microphone.