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What Is A Conference Microphone System?

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Conference microphones are basically a form of electrical audio equipment which enables meeting attendees to clearly hear and receive each other's comments on any given topic. It is used in many different industries, from corporate training and presentations to meetings, conferences, and seminars, by many different people, all at different times. You can find a variety of different conference microphone brands on the market today with all different ranges of features and functions, all designed around their particular needs and requirements. It is therefore important to do some research on what particular type of microphone would be best for your unique needs. Two main types of microphone systems are wireless and traditional wired systems, with the traditional wired systems featuring much higher quality microphones and transmitters and being far more cost effective.

A typical modern wireless conference microphone system will consist of an array of ultra-small (and in some cases, ultra-large!) directional microphones (also known as bullet microphones) which are mounted on a flexible stand and are then controlled via a computer or hand held remote controller. The array of directional microphones can be moved around in almost any direction, allowing the speaker to adjust his or her voices and volume levels wherever it is most needed for that particular speech or presentation.

Wireless speaker systems often have an additional feature known as an in-ceiling rack adaptor. This feature enables you to hang the audio cables between the floor and ceiling, ensuring that the audio cables are free to get where they need to go, no matter how the audience may move around the room. An in-ceiling rack adaptor can also be used to power the audio equipment in the same manner as the floor racks are used to power the speakers themselves. These units can be rather bulky (as well as expensive), however, and must usually be professionally installed. The advantages of wireless and in-ceiling rack adaptors is that there is generally less interference from other audio sources, and that there is typically greater clarity in the audio produced.

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