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Voting Type Wired Conference Control System Technical Parameters

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One of the primary technical parameters to be considered in a Voting Type Wired Conference Control System is the inherent technical parameters between the Video Conferencing microphone and Video Display device. It is extremely important that the audio output or audio input impedance of the wireless microphone for video conferencing are relatively low. It is also important that the video display device has relatively low persistence as well. To keep all of these technical parameters in check, it is advisable that a very good set of power requirements be implemented.

This configuration is achieved by making sure that there are low power sinks and power sources in the Video Conferencing input impedance range. It is also important to use a very good set of power management devices in the case of the Wireless Video Conference System. To keep things simple, there are really only two things to remember in this area. One, the LCD screen output must always be on, so that the user is actually seeing the video input on the LCD screen and two, if the LCD screen output goes down, the wireless microphone for video conferencing must be able to make use of the input-impedance sources that are available to supply the audio signal that is produced.

If the LCD screen is on, then the user can see all of the information that is being presented on the LCD screen through the microphone attached to the chairman unit. The microphone connected to the chair unit simply transmits the audio to the transmitter. If the LCD screen is off, then the user will not be able to see the video that is being transmitted, but they will be able to hear the audio that is being presented by the microphone attached to the chair unit.

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