Voting Type Wired Conference Control System Host

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  • BLS-U550M

*It is a discussing and video-tracking and voting wired conference system.

*With recording function, support Max.16G USB disk.

*The front panel adopts buttons to control speaking mode and the number of speakers, breaking the traditional dial control.

*LCD screen displays working status

*The number of speakers: 1, 2,3,4,5,6 and full opening

*7 meeting work modes: ①chairman mode ②first in first out mode ③last in first out mode ④LIMIT mode ⑤FREE mode ⑥responder mode ⑦Apply speaking mode (just for some model unit)

*Equipped with audio parallel output and a 6.3 jack output, conference recording outputs and background music inputs interface.

*Built-in telephone coupler input and output ports, and can be used for remote telephone conference. According to the principle of communication, it divide two-way telephone voice signals into inputs and outputs. In order to control the

 intercom setting of phone call and set aside between the hall.

*RS232 interface can be achieved using computer software to control entire 

conference system function.

*Designed with frequency shift feedback function,there is a key in the back pannel

 to control turn on and turn of the function.

Technical Parameters:

Frequency response: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

Rated voltage: 100Hz-12.5Hz

Output impedance: 

REC:200Ω LINE:200Ω



Input impedance: LINE:50KΩ PBIN:50KΩ

S /N Ratio: 100dB (1KHz THD1%)



Voting type wired conference control system host

microphone conference wireless

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