UHF Wireless Discussion Conference System Host

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  • WCS-10M

*Discussion function;

*Products using wireless digital audio signal processing and control signal, without complicated wiring;

*Scientific IP and ID encoding design,ID:001-008,IP:001-160;

*One host can support unlimited quantity units(chairman or delegate) in the effective range.

*CPU correct and encrypt code multistage,Anti electromagnetic interference, mobile phone;

*Three speech mode:FIFO( first-in first-out),limited speech,chairman specially.1-4 speaking number 1-4 optional at the same time;

*There is large color screen install in the host display content.

*Chairman has priority control function.It is not limited by the limitation function, can cut the speech of delegate at any time.

*Using distance:80-100 meters,communication distance:100-150meter;

*Can be installed on the 19 inch standard cabinet;

*Suitable for all kinds of meeting,conference occasions.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply:DC 12V-17V

Sensitivity: -105dBm

S/N Ratio:>90dB


Max.deviation range:±45KHz

Working distance: about 100meter




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