UHF Antenna Distribution System

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  • BR-4200F

• UHF 500MHZ broadband design, suitable for a variety of wireless systems;

•Using high-quality high-frequency mid-period circuit, low-noise broadband circuit amplification design, with high channel separation;

• The product is equipped with 8-channel low-loss antenna distribution, which can realize 4 sets of single-channel automatic signal selection receivers to share a pair of antennas, and there is a power distribution socket, which effectively increases the receiving distance and makes the engineering installation more convenient and simple;

• Frequency response: 450-950MHZ;

• Antenna gain: 0dB 3dB 12dB;

• Input impedance: 50Ω

• Output impedance: 50Ω

•Installation plug: TNC/BNC;

• Phantom power supply: +9V DC 20MA;

• Power supply: DC12~18V 3000MA;

• Host size: 45*420*160MM

• Antenna size: 290*260MM

• Antenna amplifier: 25*45*75MM

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