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Types Of Conference Microphone Systems

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A conference microphone is used in many circumstances where there is a need of communication to be carried out within a short period of time; it is usually of high security as well and therefore it is quite important that the audio signals should not be compromised. Most conference microphones are either wireless or wired devices which transmit sound from a single or multiple sound sources to a personal audio system integrated with a mixer or amplifier. Conference Microphones utilize different transmission technologies and different hardware casing to offer the best possible support to all the users. Most conference microphones available in the market are of the following types:

These are very high quality wired conference microphone systems used in the context of various industrial situations such as meetings, trade shows etc. They are often provided with remote controls, power, and ground support and are quite robust and powerful. These systems can easily detect a human voice within a 20-feet range. In addition to this, they are also very convenient to use and require low maintenance.

Wired Digital Phones - These are relatively inexpensive compared to other wireless microphones and are also quite easy to operate. These are capable of picking up any type of frequency. A lot of companies are using this type of frequency because the sound is usually much louder than other types of frequency which makes it more suitable for various situations. One of the major disadvantages of using this type of frequency is that these systems are much weaker in the lower frequencies.

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