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The Best Video Game Mixer

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The Mixer is the heart of any AV equipment. With the advent of Video On Demand and other on demand services, there has been a rush to buy the best AV mixer available. Many companies have jumped in the fray to provide the best mixers available with the ultimate surround sound audio experience. The problem with buying a mixer like this is that it can be difficult to find one that has everything you need to make your audio system perfect. You must have the most important components, such as the HDMI out, the HDMI input and the RCA connect, among others.

If you buy a video game system, you will most likely need a good quality set of speakers for excellent audio. However, if you do not have a lot of money to spend on audio components, the best solution would be to buy a good quality video mixer. One of the most popular brands is the Bose Wireless Multimedia Mixer. With it you can connect up your AV accessories, connect to the internet, play your DVDs or CDs, listen to your favorite music or any other audio source through your home theater speaker system, and even use your TV as your display. What makes this mixer so amazing is that it provides a video display option while using your TV as your main display.

If you are looking to add some professional touch to your AV setup, consider the Bose wireless AV mixer. It has an interface with all the major brands, such as Dell, Sony, Panasonic, Phillips and JVC. At home you can use it to control your home theatre system, play DVDs and CDs, watch videos, watch TV, listen to music through your TV speakers and even use it as your display. What makes the Bose mixer so great is that the knobs and buttons are very user friendly. It comes with Quick Release Connects, which allows the user to easily change video sources without having to go through the usual menu.