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Terms of Service

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Thank you for your patronage of our products! To protect your rights, please read the following carefully after purchasing the machine:

The following conditions do not belong to the scope of free maintenance. The company can provide paid services. Please note: product failure or damage caused by use, maintenance, and storage not in accordance with the operating instructions; man-made damage, such as: falling, crushing, damp, etc. Faults; faults caused by disassembly and repair by persons not authorized by our company; warranty card does not match the product, the content of the warranty card is altered or the product body number is altered;

Consumable accessories, such as: cotton protection, packaging boxes, batteries, etc.; damage caused by force majeure (earthquake, fire, flood, lightning, etc.); other non-product design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other issues caused Malfunction or damage.

Special Note

During the one-year warranty period from the date of purchase, if the product is damaged or malfunctions, the company’s technicians confirm that it is not caused by misuse, and we will provide free repairs. The warranty period of the external power supply is 3 months. If the repaired power supply has obvious hard object damage, cracks, broken feet, severe deformation, damaged power cord, broken wire, bare core, etc., it will not be returned and the user can purchase it for a fee. If the external antenna is broken, deformed, or damaged, it will not be returned, and users can purchase it for a fee. If there are equipment performance problems within 15 days after the product is purchased, and the appearance is not scratched, you can directly replace the new product. During the free warranty period, the product has been tested by our company and the fault is confirmed, and the repaired product of the same model or equivalent performance of the product will be replaced, and the replaced defective parts will belong to our company; products without faults will be returned as they are. When our service organization is serving you, please bring the corresponding invoice and product warranty card; if you cannot produce the above proof, the free warranty period of the product will be calculated from its production date. Products that have been exchanged and guaranteed by our company will enjoy the remaining period of the original promised warranty plus a 3-month warranty period. If the product is repaired for a fee, the same performance problem will enjoy a free warranty period of 3 months from the date of repair. Please request and keep your repair certificate. The company will not be responsible for any loss directly or indirectly incurred due to product damage. For products beyond the warranty period, our company will charge a reasonable fee and provide maintenance services. The mailing cost of the repaired product is all borne by the user. The company is not responsible for any damage caused during transportation. The company does not assume any responsibility for other commitments made by the distributor to you that are not guaranteed by the company. This warranty service is only valid in China.

The company reserves the right to modify the terms without prior notice to customers.