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Professional Power Amplifier

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  • BR-GX400


Two-channel professional power amplifier:

The GX series is an ultra-high cost-effective professional power amplifier. Because of its 2U standard model, sufficient power output, and H-class high-efficiency circuits, it is widely used in meeting rooms, multi-function halls, multi-purpose rooms and mass-marketing KTV engineering and so on.

One: IL-N circuit design produces extremely low noise, providing the most powerful choice and guarantee for professional sound engineering applications

Designed IL-N circuit: Without external input, this power amplifier has no noise at all even if the volume is turned to the maximum, which comprehensively improves the quality of the project and provides the most powerful guarantee for the project effect and overall performance.

Two: Intelligent compression limit function design

In order to meet the needs of different types of customers with speakers with different characteristics, and to avoid burning out the tweeter due to clipping problems, our company has designed a selective compression function. In this way, this function can be selectively used according to the on-site use environment, attenuate the input signal when the power amplifier is about to enter clipping, and further limit the high-frequency range, thereby protecting expensive speakers.

Three: Multiple logic intelligent judgment protection design

This power amplifier has the power supply start-up anti-shock function, long-term overheating protection, start-up delay and other functions effectively and comprehensively designed to make the entire system operate safely and reliably. Even if the power amplifier is momentarily short-circuited or overloaded, this machine will automatically activate the electronic fast protection function, effectively avoiding performance interruption accidents. This is not possible with general power amplifiers.

Four: Efficient automatic edge cooling system

In order to make the power amplifier more stable to control the 4 ohm load, the company independently developed and researched the DIR-COOL high-efficiency heat dissipation aluminum, and the entire heat dissipation system is used to the extreme, so that professional engineers do not have to worry about the heat dissipation of the power amplifier in extreme environments Problem, to drive 4 ohm load excellently and worry-free.

Input voltage: AC~220V, 50Hz

Frequency response: 35HZ-20KHZ

Distortion: (@8Ω 1KHZ)<0.05%

Signal to noise ratio: (20HZ-20KHZ) 8Ω 98DB

Input sensitivity: 8Ω>400@

Input impedance: 20KΩ

Output power: 8Ω: 2*400W

4Ω: 2*750W

Bridge power: 8Ω: 2*800W

4Ω: 2*900W

Chassis size: 483mmx435mmx90mm

Weight: 19KG

Professional power amplifier

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