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Professional Power Amplifier Professional Power Amplifier


Professional Power Amplifier

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  • BR-GN1300


Powerful and extremely powerful power system, reserves ample reserves of 7500W, combined with Class 3 H high-efficiency circuit, provides up to 8 ohms

The strong power of 2*1350W (4 Euro 2*2800Wt), the performance with ease, perfectly meets the application standards of bars, outdoor performances, sports and other large dynamic occasions.

Exquisite design craftsmanship with symmetry, plenty of power margin, with a new colored high-efficiency heat dissipation system, neat and full, full of power, also greatly improved the load capacity of the power amplifier, can easily drive 4 ohm effective load, more extensive applications, greatly Save the hard cost of engineering.

The whole system is equipped with a standard high-level distortion index of less than 0.1%, perfect amplification, high restoration of the original sound texture, warm and durable, cordial and moving, allowing the world to hear the most authentic sound.

Perfect protection circuit design, equipped with overheat protection, pressure limit protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, effectively protect the safe use of the audio system, avoid damage to expensive audio equipment due to improper use, and let the wonderful performance continue.

Frequency response: 35Hz-20Kz±1.5dB\"

Signal to noise ratio: 99dB

Total harmonic distortion/THD: 0.02%

Input impedance (balanced and unbalanced): 20KΩ/10KΩ\"

Output power: 8Ω: 2*1300W 4Ω: 2*2400W

Height 2U

Professional power amplifier

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