Interface Type Wired Conference Microphone

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  • BL-551E

*Broad bandwidth and capacitive omni-directional , small design

*Installed in inconspicuous desktop, smallpox, or the instrument panel

*Can be used in professional audio, television, radio, video meeting of the high radio applications.

*The built-in using DC power supply module 11 v to 52 v phantom power supply.

*Microphone shell used durable alloy casting and double protection network design, and not reflective black coating painted.

*Microphone is equipped with shockproof insulated to prevent vibration noise on the surface of the installation.

Product paramter:

Cartridge:fixed charge back, permanent polar capacitor radio head 


Frequency response:40-12KHz 

Sensitivity:- 42 db (7.9 mV) 7.9 to 1 v to 1 Pa 


Dynamic range:113 dB, 1kHz 

S/N ratio:65db, 1 kHz to 1 Pa

Phantom power supply:DC 11-52 V, 2 mA typical power consumption 


Size:69 x 30 mm (length x diameter) 

Output terminals:built-in 3 needles XLR cannon male head 

Accessory:insulation shockproof rubber

Wired conference microphone

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