Interface Type Wired Conference Microphone

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  • BL-522A

• Hexagonal unidirectional directivity, which can suppress rear noise and clearly pick up the front.

• Designed to be placed on a flat surface to provide high-quality radio, conferences, remote teaching, and other demanding radio applications

• Wide frequency response, clear sound quality and low noise;

• Comprehensive anti-interference, the first anti-electromagnetic interference, effectively eliminating the noise generated by electromagnetic or mobile phone interference during use.

• Rotating output connector, the output cable can be set to the back of the microphone or the bottom of the microphone according to the needs.

• The die-cast solid shell and the non-slip silicon foam at the bottom of the microphone can reduce the impact of desktop vibration on the microphone.

• Flat inconspicuous design, and coated with low-reflective color paint

• Suitable for large-scale meetings, recording, radio broadcasting, outdoor speeches and other occasions.

• Type: Back-pole electret

• Directivity: Single directivity

• Frequency response: 30Hz-16kHz

• Sensitivity: -38±3db@1KHz

• Output impedance: 5K6

• Maximum withstand sound pressure: 130Db SPL (1KHz, thd1%)

Signal to noise ratio: 68dB

• Dynamic range: 35dB, (1KHz AT MAX dB SPL)

• Power supply: 48V fantasy power supply

• Wire length: 8M

• Weight: 173G

•Size: 102*73*25mm

• Installation method: desktop

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