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In 2018, the Baika Conference will gather with you in the capital for an industry feast

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Baika Conference meets you again, the audio-visual industry event 2018 China International Professional Audio-visual Integrated Equipment and Technology Exhibition

Through years of development and accumulation, Baika Conference has steadily expanded the market with its multiple advantages of product diversification, functional humanization, and system intelligence. Various products independently developed by it have won unanimous recognition from customers.

It is precisely because of this that in every exhibition, the Baika Conference can successfully focus the attention of the merchants. Among the major exhibitions, the Baika Conference carries the expectations of our customers and is determined to move forward, and every time it shows a bright meeting Products, let the majority of merchants on the scene feel full!

This year's Baika Conference will continue its excitement, bringing its brand \"BKR\" and its various series of products on display. There will be more amazing new conference products on display, including:

1. \"2.4G digital wireless conference control system\" uses 2400 megabytes as the transmission carrier, with digital processing adaptive frequency jump technology, and DSP audio processing technology to build a safe, high-quality and efficient communication bridge.

2. \"Network intelligent conference control system\" is led by digital information network communication technology, easily builds an efficient conference network, realizes intelligent management and control, cascade expansion, and intelligent hot backup of information and data.

3. \"Digital wireless conference microphone series\" adopts breakthrough digital frequency processing technology to break the traditional frequency band boundary and realize interactive use between frequency bands.

4. \"Ring hand-in-hand conference control system\" integrates a digital integrated circuit system into the traditional wired conference system, high-quality data transmission, built-in DSP digital audio processing chip, high-speed dynamic data processing, and efficient feedback suppression.

To learn more about the new products of Baika Conference, welcome to visit the exhibition site for guidance and look forward to your on-site tasting!