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How to Use an Eight-Way Mixer

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A sound mixer is a tool that combines the inputs of two or more microphones. This equipment provides a wide variety of effects. Most mixers feature VU and peak meters. The sound engineer adjusts the gain on each input signal to obtain the highest possible level without clipping. A high gain allows for a higher signal to noise ratio, which is important for recording. Many mixers come with auxiliary and individual bus outputs.

To get started, you must familiarize yourself with the layout and operation of your sound mixer. Start by learning the basics of its operation. For instance, the Gain, Equalization, and Level controls are essential to a successful sound mix. Make sure to set up the audio system so you don't run into any problems during the shoot. This will prevent you from getting stuck in the middle of the performance with a mix that sounds less than optimal.

Before you begin a new project, you should learn about the director's vision and what they want. Sometimes the director wants to cut to the next exciting scene, and you can't tell if a scene is too loud or too quiet. The sound at the location may not be as good as the director's vision, so the head sound engineer must chime in to correct it. A lot of productions will require a sound mixer to provide their own equipment, but some will hire it out.

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