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GETshow Guangzhou (International) Performing Arts Equipment, Intelligent Sound and Light Product Technology Exhibition

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   The 2019 GETshow Guangzhou (International)  intelligent Sound and Light Product Technology Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo from May 8 to May

11, 2019. It will attract nearly a thousand well-known brand companies from all over the world to participate. , Set DJ performance, stage performance audio, card package audio, public broadcasting,

conference system, stage lighting, LED, laser equipment, microphone, power amplifier, stage peripheral equipment, intelligent lighting control system, etc.


BKR Conference has always insisted on expanding marketing channels, constantly exploring market dynamics and understanding market opportunities. Over the past 10 years, BKR Conference has accumulated experience and continuously innovated through exhibitions in Frankfurt, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu in focomm, Beijing in focomm and other exhibitions to provide customers with the highest quality and comprehensive conference services. Application solutions!


At the 2019 GET SHOW performance equipment, intelligent sound and light product technology exhibition, the BKR Conference will adhere to the concept of brave exploration and independent innovation, with a new product architecture platform, cutting-edge communication technology and a new product lineup to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry !

Next, let’s preview that the Baika Conference will exhibit those new conference products that will make your eyes shine. Welcome to visit and guide!


Avant-garde design, exquisite appearance and brand-new product architecture platform are intelligently made, through cutting-edge communication technology with 2.4G data bandwidth transmission, more reasonable spectrum allocation, cleaner connection environment, lower latency, and better The transmission rate and higher security standards enable the product to have a higher application platform and wider commercial value!

BLS-4630 series products adopt amphibious structure design to meet your application in different occasions. Inductive speech control switch and inductive volume control are full of technological sense! All-metal material, black and white double pin design shows the high-end atmosphere, built-in high-quality loudspeaker to restore your real sound quality in real time.

BLS-4631 series products adopt audio-visual integrated structure design, 4.3-inch color large screen with high-fidelity loudspeaker, real-time delivery of real sound. The use of a new product architecture platform is intelligently made, smart touch is easy and convenient, network data transmission is stable and efficient, and the LAN can be built through WIFI to realize APP remote control, RJ45 port cascading expansion, cascading hot backup, high-quality products waiting for high standards Of you come to taste!

The above pre-show notice looks forward to your visit and guidance. From May 8th to May 11th, 2019, Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Booth 2F-09A promises you!