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Frequency Shift Feedback Frequency Shift Feedback


Frequency Shift Feedback

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  • BR-1220


*The uwb ring circuit technology, perfect sound quality, no metal ending noise, high-speed suppress feedback voice. 

*Digital frequency shift technology, defend squeal, round and stable voice, no drifting and dry phenomenon. 

*Super stability: built-in crystal oscillation, software algorithm, good performance, less interference from the temperature and other equipment

*According to applications for a custom to set a suitable audio spectrum, thus greatly enhance the system gain. 

*Adaptive for full frequency band feedback inhibition, with the special high speed floating point of digital signal processors and adaptive feedback (AFC) suppression algorithm can eliminate the self excited whistlers maximum with no distortion. 2. Built-in unique undistorted dynamic noise elimination function, can filter out the background and the system current noise with no distortion, so as to improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and improve the voice quality. 

Product paramter:

Power supply: AC 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz

Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz


S/N ratio: S/N>86dB

Input impedance:10K

Output impedance:1K


Frequency shift feedback

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