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Eight-way Power Sequencer Eight-way Power Sequencer
Eight-way Power Sequencer Eight-way Power Sequencer


Eight-way Power Sequencer

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* 8-way universal socket relay controlled + 2-way universal socket direct;

* Single power / total power / output current: 2000W / 6000W / 30A 277VAC

* Output power socket specification: flame retardant ABS material, can withstand 30A current at most, phosphor copper material, standard universal socket

* Built in switching power supply, suitable for global voltage ac90-260v 50-60Hz;

* Push button touch switch, or external control switch interface;

* The maximum output of USB interface is 5V / 500mA, and DJ lamp can be connected;

* Switching interval / timing time of each circuit: 1s;

* Support the panel to control each channel independently;

* Air switch, overcurrent protection;

* Support stacker cascade;

* Pass key can open all channels at the same time, open in sequence and close in reverse order.


Rated output voltage: AC 220v.50hz

Controllable power supply: 10 channels

Delay time of each action: 1s

Power supply: VAC 50 / 60Hz 25A

Each output is provided with indicator light

Single circuit rated output current: 30A

Eight-way power sequencer

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