Eight-way Power Sequencer

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  • AC-08

• The eight-way power sequencer is suitable for audio, computer, TV broadcasting systems and other electrical equipment that need to be started in order, effectively controlling the power on and off rules

•Protect audio equipment from current impact and reduce the impact current of electrical equipment on the transmission line

• 100V-240V voltage universal

•Using 30A high-quality relay, the maximum output of a single channel is 30A

•High-power circuit to meet the use of larger circuit systems

• Chip control, dual-panel SMD circuit design, stable and reliable

•Universal socket, suitable for various types of sockets

• Rated output voltage: AC 220V.50Hz

• Controllable power supply: 10 channels

• Delay time of each action: 1 second

• Power supply: VAC 50/60Hz 25A

•Each output with indicator light

•Key switch control power supply

• Single-channel rated output current: 30A

Eight-way power sequencer

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