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Eight-way Mixer Eight-way Mixer


Eight-way Mixer

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  • BR-2810


• Three modes of use are available: priority speaking mode, sequential speaking mode, and collective discussion mode.

• Priority setting: The position of the priority channel can be set at will. When the priority is set to speak, the speech of other channels will be automatically closed.

•Extended series: Provides eight balanced inputs, and at the same time, you can simply connect the machines in series (a dedicated serial connection cable is attached) to achieve the number of expansions you need. The functions of the serial machine remain unchanged.

• It can effectively prevent the large-scale \"howling\" phenomenon caused by the impact of sudden strong sound sources (such as collective applause, smashing objects, etc.) during the meeting, so that the system can be used stably and protected.

• Eight balanced inputs provide DC 48V phantom power supply, and are equipped with auxiliary input interfaces and output interfaces for headphone monitoring.

• The output terminal has balanced XLR output and line output.

• Input impedance: microphone: 8KΩ auxiliary input: 50KΩ series input: 20KΩ

• Output impedance: balanced: 300Ω unbalanced: 400Ω series output: 100Ω

•Pre-stage output impedance: 2.2 KΩ

• Maximum input level: microphone: -24dBV line: 27dBV

•Pre-stage output level: -4.4dBV

• Maximum gain: 62dB

• Frequency response: 50~20KHz

•Inherent noise: -80dBV

• Phantom power output: DC 48V

• Power supply: AC220V

• Power adapter output: AC 15V

• Power consumption: 16W

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