Eight Channel Mixer

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  • BR-2830

•Using high-speed DSP numerical control technology, eliminating the problem of word loss in traditional mixers, supporting video tracking function, directly connecting to the camera without a decoder, multiple camera protocols and response time options.

•Each channel is equipped with 48V phantom power, which can be selected separately, which is convenient for connecting various microphones.

•Each channel is equipped with a high-efficiency low-frequency attenuation circuit (130HZ), which can be selected individually to effectively resist the impact of low-frequency spray noise.

•Each channel is equipped with a one-button EQ tone control circuit, which can fine-tune the tone of each channel.

• With quick and automatic opening of the channel gate with only signal input, the action level can be automatically adjusted.

•Extended series: Provides eight balanced inputs, and at the same time, you can simply connect the machines in series (a dedicated serial connection cable is attached) to achieve the number of expansions you need. The functions of the serial machine remain unchanged.

• The RS-232 external control port is used to expand the application capabilities of the mixer. The opening and closing of the noise gate can be controlled from the external control box, and it can also be connected to the central control system for control. It can be connected with up to 16 local machines and more Both cameras are used together.

•Automatically adjust the output level, which can prevent the howling caused by the increase of the overall gain of the system when used in multiple expansions.

Input impedance: Microphone: 4.3KΩ

Line input: 28KΩ

Series input: 20KΩ

Output impedance: Balance: 75KΩ

Series output: 100Ω

Front-end output impedance: 2.2KΩ

Maximum input level: Microphone: -24dBV

Line: 16dBV

Front-end output level: -4.4dBV

Maximum gain: 62dB

Frequency response: 20~20KHz

Inherent noise: -80dBV

THD+N: ≤0.03%

EQ cut: 20dB Treble/bass Cut

Camera protocol: VISCA PELCO-D

Phantom power output: DC 48V

Power supply: AC 220V

Power adapter output AC 15V

Power consumption: 25W

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