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Conference Power Amplifier Conference Power Amplifier


Conference Power Amplifier

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  • BR-GD350


Two-channel digital professional power amplifier:

This series of digital power amplifiers and other commercial products are integrated and unified solutions for large shopping malls, conference halls, transportation hubs and other commercial places.

Designed with the most advanced high-efficiency switching power supply (SMPS) and class D power amplifier circuit (CLASS D) in the world today;

Adopting a patented high-quality porous heat sink, it can operate normally at low temperature in various harsh environments;

The switching power supply transformer adopts imported Teflon high temperature wire to ensure that the inside of the transformer can work normally and efficiently at high temperatures.

Built-in a variety of sensitivity and compression mode to choose from.

Built-in digital audio processor function.

A full set of protection functions to ensure the orderly work of the product:

1. Intelligent constant power technology: When the load connected to the power amplifier is lower than the rated range, the output power is intelligently controlled and will not continue to increase. It will remain in a safe and reliable working range, which greatly improves the power stability.

2. Resonant soft switching technology: specially designed for high-quality and high-demand professional power amplifiers, also known as zero-voltage turn-on and zero-voltage turn-off technology, to prevent di/di shocks generated by conventional power switches.

3. High-density heat dissipation technology: The unique constant temperature intelligent temperature adjustment circuit, coupled with the high-density aluminum radiator used in aviation, can easily reduce the working temperature of the machine to a low level and ensure the high stability of the machine.

4. Tunnel-type cold air cooling technology: The power amplifier module is cooled in a tunnel-type state, which greatly improves the heat dissipation rate and stability.

Input voltage: AC~220V, 50Hz

Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz, ±1dB


Signal to noise ratio: ≥100dB

Input sensitivity (8Ω): 0.775V/1.0V/1.4V

Input impedance: >10KΩ

Output power: 8Ω: 2*350W

4Ω: 2*600W

2Ω: 2*800W

Bridge power: 8Ω: 2*550W

4Ω: 2*750W

Chassis size: 480X250X44mm

Net weight: 4.1kg

Conference power amplifier

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