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Conference Power Amplifier

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Designed with a variety of features, the Conference Power Amplifier is ideal for business use and home entertainment. The compact size allows for easy portability and can be installed easily without any additional equipment. The sensitivity mode offers the possibility to adjust the volume, while the compression and sensitivity modes can be customized to fit a variety of needs. The audio processor is a key feature of a digital power amplifier, and the switching power supply transformer uses high-quality components.

Besides its portability and ease of installation, the Conference Power Amplifier is designed to offer outstanding audio performance. It has two channels, each with a 100-watt output. The input sensitivity of each channel is adjustable from 1.0 to 1.4V. The LCD panel provides information about the working temperature of each channel, enabling quick setup. A multichannel switch makes it possible to control audio quality from any room in the building.

This versatile power amplifier is suited for business uses and provides the flexibility of placing it in a variety of locations. Its compact size and advanced DSP tools enable it to serve as a perfect background music source for conferences. It also allows for switching between microphone on/off functions and SD card playback. It also offers many features to make the conference experience more comfortable. Once the power supply is installed, the amplifier is ready to go.

Conference power amplifier