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Conference Microphone Series

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Conference microphone series is a high-quality instrument intended for the professional use. Conference microphones are portable, small, and highly effective, capable of both telephone calls and live presentations. Conference microphones are used to record and deliver live business presentations. They're also frequently used at conventions and trade shows to offer background noise for keynote speakers by reducing echo. Conference microphones come in two models: A mono/mono configuration, in which there is one microphone integrated into a single housing; or a multi-channel wireless system, in which there are eight channels to choose from. The eight-channel wireless conference microphone has an astounding signal to noise ratio, with a distortion-free frequency response.

These wireless microphones are extremely versatile, with a wide range of operation suitable for both home and professional applications. They can be used with computers, telecommunications equipment, as well as wireless personal computers. In addition, they are excellent for conducting training sessions and live seminars and are frequently used by audio visual professionals. Conference microphones also have advantages over traditional condenser microphones in terms of the quality of sound reproduction. They also operate at higher efficiency and output than other wireless microphones.

Conference microphone series offer performance similar to a large room transmission tower microphone, with a high -fluence-response time. They also have extremely low attenuation levels, ensuring that the speaker does not suffer from feedback or echo when using the microphone. Most conference microphones in the market today are of one piece, with separate head units and microphones. This ensures that each microphone can be adjusted and positioned accurately to achieve best results. They are also very rugged and can stand up to high-volume output.