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Conference Microphone Series - Features and Benefits

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Conference microphones are used in business conferences, meetings, educational institutions, conventions, and other venues where there is need for a one-way communication of audio from a distance. Conference microphones are often portable with lightweight design. These can be used for conferencing or speaking directly to small groups of people.

There are three major technologies used in Conference Microphone Series - Floor standing, In-line microphone, and Wireless Handheld microphone. Floor standing microphone system has a single diaphragm with a single Boom arm, commonly used as a general purpose microphone. A floor standing microphone is also known as omni-directional microphone as it produces excellent results in a wide range of operating environments. In-line microphone system has a flexible diaphragm and features an effective cardioid pattern. This system is often used for speaking to a group of people in a noisy environment, or in situations requiring a consistent cardioid pattern.

The wireless handheld microphone offers the best solution for mobility and portability. This system has received good reviews and is available at very reasonable prices. The frequency stability of this microphone system is one of its major strengths. It has been tested and proven to deliver a high level of performance over extended distances. If you are looking for a powerful and comfortable working condition, then you should consider buying this system. It is capable of handling any kind of output power and will ensure that you have a clear and powerful teleconference.