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Choosing a Digital Wired Conference Control System

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A Digital Wired Conference Control System is a digital device that enables users to manage all aspects of a meeting. The main function of this device is to increase the efficiency of meetings. To achieve this, the device should be easy to use, with intuitive controls for volume, push to talk and on/off lights. In order to choose a system that meets your specific needs, you should know the number of users who will be using it. Typically, the systems are designed to manage up to 80 to 120 delegate units. Larger groups, however, will need a higher number of central control units.

A new conference control system demonstrates the latest technological advances, ease-of-use and operational reliability. The system features modern styling, easy-to-use controls and high-quality materials. These features make it an excellent choice for enterprises and local government departments alike. It is a great choice for companies with a variety of rooms and multiple users. You can even expand it to meet the needs of your conference. You will be glad you did.

Each Delegate Unit has a push-to-talk button and volume control. Each Central Control Unit supports up to 50 Delegate Units and 1,024 conference microphone units. Each one supports up to eight simultaneous open mics. Each system supports four languages and can be upgraded to 28 languages with additional licenses. There are even systems available that can record meetings. You can find more information on a Digital Wired Conference Control System here.