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Baika BLS-4511 has a conference control system to assist Vice Premier Sun Chunlan's research work

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Sun Chunlan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, visited Shaanxi from August 30 to 31 to investigate the prevention and treatment of endemic diseases, and presided over the National Endemic Disease Prevention and Control Work Promotion Conference. As a people's livelihood project and a popular support project to safeguard the people's health and well-being, it fully embodies the party's spirit of being highly responsible for the people's health and the cordial care for the suffering of the sick people! It also demonstrated Vice Premier Sun's determination to implement the prevention and control of endemic diseases.

The conference was held in Linyou County, Shaanxi from August 30 to 31. Participants included: Director of Shaanxi Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (Liu Baoqin), Vice Governor of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government (Yu Qifang), and State Council Deputy Secretary-General (Ding Xiangyang), Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress (Hu Heping), Director of the National Health Commission, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group (Ma Xiaowei), etc. . . In order to ensure that endemic disease prevention and control and poverty alleviation tasks are completed simultaneously, hundreds of leaders gathered together to plan and discuss good strategies.

Hundreds of provincial leaders gathered together to gather consensus and discuss together. Such an important topic and such a heavyweight guest put great pressure on the conference planning team. A series of operations such as site layout, personnel arrangement, and equipment commissioning need to be meticulous No omission is allowed. In order to make the conference proceed in an efficient and orderly manner, a set of professional conference control system is indispensable. The Bica conference has been selected through layers and stood out from many brands, cutting-edge science and technology, exquisite product appearance, and scientific functions The design and excellent pickup performance won the unanimous approval of the planning team! A promotion meeting with major public health issues as the topic, the conference equipment used is naturally closely related to public health issues, and the microphone is the first to bear the brunt as an important communication tool for delivering speeches. I believe many friends who have used microphones will have it. One experience is that when the microphone is too far away from the microphone, the sound cannot be fully transmitted, and too close to the microphone through contact with the microphone will inevitably cause public health problems.

Baika Conference pays attention to every detail of the product, and really solves every detail problem in the meeting for you, treats it with a perfect mentality, completes it in a way of excellence, and makes the product perfectly meet your actual needs. In order to meet the theme of the conference and meet the needs of the conference, superior product pickup performance is indispensable. The BLS-4511 conference unit adopts high-fidelity capacitor microphone core; with digital circuit control processing, scientific microphone appearance design shows excellence The sound pickup performance brings you a relaxing and healthy new meeting experience. While demonstrating excellent sound pickup performance, you can't help but have doubts. Wouldn't there be howling in such a large venue, so many microphones, and such a complicated environment? The BLS-U450M conference system has a built-in intelligent high-speed frequency shift feedback suppression chip, which can suppress in-field audio backlash, prevent audio howling, digital control processing, intelligent logic operation, and low power. Consumption, rejecting environmental pollution and audio pollution, use practical results to implement the concept of low-carbon environmental protection.

There are more than a few outstanding product highlights. This series of products have real-time video tracking function. By connecting the pan-tilt camera ball to achieve multi-channel video input, audio and video are transmitted simultaneously, achieving the reality that what you hear is what you see and what you see is what you hear As a set of professional conference system equipment, the advanced management and process control functions of the conference are required by steel. In order to meet the meeting needs of different occasions, the product has built-in multiple conference modes with simple and intuitive interface operations to switch between different states in time . And the product’s ability to deal with emergencies can deepen your trust in Baika. BLS-U450M has an intelligent memory function, and uses digital circuit redundant data storage to realize the data recovery function after sudden power failure, with hot swap The USB port will record the whole meeting, helping you to remember the main points of the meeting forever and work efficiently.

It is a great honor for Baika Conference to contribute to the prevention and treatment of endemic diseases. We will continue to devote ourselves to audio and video technology research and development and innovation, and serve you wholeheartedly!