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Antenna distribution system Antenna distribution system
Antenna distribution system Antenna distribution system


Antenna distribution system

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The antenna distributor is a UHF antenna distribution system with amplification function. It enhances the coverage when receiving by using a pair of dual polarized log periodic array antennas. It can also amplify the RF signal to compensate for the insertion loss caused by the distribution of signal power to multiple output interfaces. Strong compatibility, applicable to UHF true diversity, wireless receiving system and wireless conference microphone of any brand. Indoor suspended on the ceiling and installed on the wall; Its appearance design is also waterproof, windproof, cold and high temperature resistant according to the requirements of outdoor products.
  • BR-4500

  • BKR



• It is an active wireless directional type and can be designed with dual polarization log periodic array, which can effectively stabilize the product's received signal and improve the receiving distance;

• 8-channel antenna input port +2-channel expansion port can be connected to 5 dual antenna u-segment wireless microphone receivers at most;

• 12V 1A separate power supply port is set, which can supply power to up to 4 devices to realize power supply integration;

• Cascade port can be set to add an antenna distribution system to share a pair of antennas to meet the use of multiple sets of equipment in large occasions;

• In order to compensate the signal loss of coaxial cable, the on-board amplifier provides users with optional 3dB and 10dB gain;

• The antenna gain has two LED indicators to clearly display the working gain status;

• Remote 12V DC power supply, and the amplifier is powered by the antenna distribution system through the coaxial cable;

• Keep the signal stable, control the distortion to the minimum, and reduce noise and distortion effectively.

• The front panel of the system is equipped with a reserved port for the front mounted antenna, and the humanized design meets the requirements for the antenna to move forward when entering the cabinet.

Technical parameters:

• receiving frequency range: 450-972mhz;

• antenna gain: 3dB (green LED), 10dB (red LED);

• power requirements: 12V is powered by coaxial cable or ≥ 80W DC;

• input impedance: 50 Ω

• output impedance: 50 Ω

• installation plug: BNC

• phantom power supply: +9v DC 20mA;

• power supply: dc12~18v5000ma;

• host size: 475*225*45mm;

• antenna size: 300*345mm;

• antenna amplifier: 25*45*75mm

• receive mode (3 dB beam width): 70 angles

• Third order overload intersection point (OIP3): >30 dBm

• antenna gain (on axis): 10 DBI

• signal gain: ± 1 dB

Packaging accessories:

Leather  package * 1 set

Description materials * 1pcs

50cm high frequency cable * 10pcs

300cm high frequency cable * 2pcs

Double head DC wire * 4pcs

Power adapter * 1pcs