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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Wireless Conference Microphone

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A wireless conference microphone has many benefits over a traditional audio system. These mics can be used anywhere in the meeting room and have a great pickup range. Some microphones can even detect the speaker's identity - a major advantage for businesses. The pick-up range is excellent, and they can be inexpensive compared to the price of multiple wired conference microphones. But they do not have the same features as a wireless conference microphone.

Infrared or Wifi technology is commonly used to transmit audio signals between two wireless conference microphones. These mics allow you to move freely in your meeting room and eliminate cable problems. Changing a cable can be a long and complicated process. Some disadvantages include range and battery life limitations, and they can also cause interference from other equipment. Increasingly popular are models with many switch-synthesized channels and extended battery life.

A wireless conference microphone allows you to move around while delivering high-quality audio, without limiting your movement. These systems are more durable and cheaper, and usually operate on a single frequency, which makes them more convenient. However, they may impede your movement. They also tend to produce lower quality sound and are not as flexible as wireless microphones. You may want to use a wired conference microphone if you're unsure of whether you'll need it.

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