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8-way Mixer 8-way Mixer


8-way Mixer

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  • BR-TX82


Ultra-thin, 2-group, digital display effect mixer

3 segments British style EQ

Ultra-thin structure design, compact and simple appearance

Built-in power supply, low noise

8-channel mono input, external effector

+48V phantom power

Two sets of left and right main outputs, two groups of outputs

Powerful monitoring function, able to monitor all input and output terminals separately

High-quality 24bit digital display effector

MP3 player function, equipped with SD card and USB interface

Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz ±0.5dB

Microphone input equivalent input noise: MIC EIN@MAX gain, 150 ohms source impedance-128dBu

Bus noise: Noise(20Hz-20KHz measurement bandwidth)

Mixing: mix@max,faders down <-85dBu

Crosstalk between channels Channel mute: >90dB

Fader position: >90dB

Auxiliary sending port: >86dB

Input and output impedance Microphone input: 2.4KΩ

Line input: 11KΩ

Output: 75KΩ

Input and output level Maximum microphone input: +17dBu

Maximum line input +30dBu

Stereo maximum input: +30dBu

Maximum mixing output: +20dBu

Headphone maximum output: 300mw/200

EQ (mono input) HF (high frequency): 12KHz±15dB

Intermediate frequency: 2.5KHz±15dB

Low frequency: 80Hz±15dB

Power consumption:<30W

Dimensions: 440*415*85*60mm

Weight: 3.7KG


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