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2CH UHF Wireless Conference Microphone System

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1. UHF frequency band transmission signal, frequency range: 500MHz-900MHz;

2. Two-channel receiving signal, each channel has 200 channels to choose from, each channel is stepped at 250KHz; each channel uses 49.75MHz;

3. Using stable PLL digital phase-locked loop synthesis technology and intelligent digital circuit, the stability of the whole machine performance is significantly improved;

4. Each channel is equipped with a unique ID number to enhance the anti-interference function and support 20 simultaneous use (ie 20 receivers and 40 transmitters);

5. High-fidelity unidirectional condenser microphone core, good sound reproduction. The pickup distance can reach 30-50CM;

6. Two rubber receiving antennas are set on the back of the receiver to enhance the received signal, and the appearance is generous and decent;

7. There are 2 balanced outputs and 1 mixed unbalanced output on the back, suitable for connecting various external devices;

8.400 channels are interoperable and interoperable, showing a humanized high-tech design; (the same transmitter can be interoperable in Tuo 2, Tuo 4 and Tuo 8)

9. The flexible gooseneck microphone design can be adjusted in 360°, and the microphone lamp ring indicates the speaking state.

10. The power consumption of the microphone is 80mA, and it is powered by 1.5V batteries (2 pieces), which can be used continuously for 8 hours;

11. Both the host and transmitter have LCD screens to display working status and other content

12. Operating distance: Open environment: 80-100 meters, complex environment: 50-80 meters

13. Suitable for various conferences and speech occasions.

Receiver parameter (receiver parameter)

Oscillation (Oscillation: ): PLL syntheized

Carrier Ferquency Range: UHF 500MHz~900MHz

Frequency Stability (Frequency Stability): ±0.001%

Modulation Mode: FM

S/N Ratio: >60dB

Distortion (T.H.D):<0.5%@1KHz

Sensitivity (Sensitivity): 1.2/UV @S/N=12dB

Power Supply: DC: 12V~17V

Audio Output (Audio Output): Independent (Free standing) 0~400mV Mixed (Mixed style) 0~300mV

Transmitter parameters (Shoot machine parameter):

Power Supply: DC 4.5V (1.5V AA*3)

Microphone power consumption (Consume an electricity quantity): 100mA

Carry a frequency: UHF 500MHz~900MHz

Frequency stability (Frequency stability): ±0.001%

Maximum frequency deviation (Max.eviation Range): ±30KH

S/N Ratio: >60dB

Adjacent channel interference ratio (F/N Ratio): >80dB

Dynamic range (Dynamic range): ≥100dB

Type (Type): Capacitance

Polar mode (polar psttern): Single direction (One direction)

Frequency response (Frequency Resonse): 40Hz~20KHz

Microphone sensitivity (Sensitivity): -43±3dB@1KHz

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