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2019 Shanghai Pro Lighting and Audio Exhibition

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In the golden autumn of October, we ushered in the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. We watched the grand military parade and felt the strength of the motherland. The golden autumn October also ushered in the annual feast of the electro-acoustic industry [2019 Shanghai Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition] and we will look forward to what this feast will bring us!IMG_4749

Recently, a series of brand new faces have appeared in the product lineup of Baika Conference. Everyone has different opinions on this. Some say it is like [Internet celebrity live microphone] and some are like the [Sword-100 cruise missile] in the 70th anniversary military parade. Wait... the minds of Chinese people make me truly feel the greatness of our motherland again! The motherland gave birth to us, we gave birth to it and them...


A black gold dress with simple lines is noble and generous, and the posture with your head up and your chest is free and convenient in addition to the shackles of the cable, which can meet your needs for different occasions!


The shortest microphone rod and the most memorable conference base make the most personalized conference product. The personality shows the charm, and the beauty of the voice is always heard for you.


More presentations will be on October 10-13, 2019 at the Baika Conference [Booth N2D32] and look forward to your welcome and guidance.